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The Drive-Thru: Spring it Forward!

As the use of mobile apps continues to spike upwards, we’re also seeing a rise in drive-thru transactions. What were your recent experiences like? Were the drive-thru areas visually pleasing and well branded? Or did they leave you without a lasting impression, much like a car wash?

Sprucing up your drive-thru area for the spring and summer seasons says to customers, “We appreciate your business and want your outside transactions to be a delightful experience.”

Kane Graphical works with financial institutions around the country to cost effectively expand their brands into  branch exteriors. Sometimes all that’s needed is surface cleaning, landscaping, or paint. Or you might be ready to take it up a notch with window banding, banner displays, or an ATM wrap.

The five steps below can help transform your drive-thru area, improve the customer experience, and expand your brand:

#1 – Evaluate the Area

Walk around the drive-thru area from your customer’s perspective and consider the following:

  • Do you feel welcome?
  • Are the brand colors present and fresh?
  • Is there a campaign advertisement? If so, is it visually engaging?
  • Are the teller windows colorful? Is your corporate logo there?
  • How well does the ATM convey your brand?
  • Are the bricks and concrete clean?

Your answers to these questions will dictate a course of action.

#2 – A Simple Clean-Up

Dingy bricks and concrete can be cleaned with products from hardware store shelves—or seek the services of a professional cleaner. If the area is bland and uninviting, we suggest painting portions of the curbs or posts in your brand color to visually “pop” the drive-thru area. Just don’t go overboard.

To further strengthen your business image here, consider landscaping solutions. Professional landscapers can install plants and shrubs best suited for your climate to create a welcoming and beautiful environment.  And if there’s a gardener on your team who’s willing to tackle the job, even better!

#3 — Brand the Teller Window

To reinforce your institution’s brand and create a sense of arrival for customers, consider window banding. This innovative and cost-effective solution can be coordinated with your other signage and messaging displays. Our window banding is fully customizable and can be designed to suit any window configuration. See our Drive-Thru and ATM Coverings website page for more information.

#4 — Take Your Campaign Outside

Ready to maximize marketing opportunities outside? A banner stand speaks loudly, both to drive-thru customers and passersby.  Our ViewPoint™ banner stand solution includes an easily replaceable 72” x 16” panel printed on wrinkle-resistant, durable vinyl. The banner stands swivel to withstand harsh weather and protect from vehicle damage (see how the swivel system works here). We can design banners to match interior campaign signage, and they can be printed on one or both sides.

#5 — Make a Statement at the ATM

An ATM is much more than a cash delivery machine—it’s your outdoor teller. Set it apart from the brick and concrete by wrapping it with your logo and brand colors to positively impact customer experiences. We can work with you to design appealing ATM machine wraps that promote your brand. Again, see our Drive-Thru and ATM Coverings website page for more information.

What are your spring cleaning plans?

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