Virtual Branch Assessment

Our Virtual Branch Assessment Plan:

While today’s customers have many digital transaction choices, your branch and drive-thru area remain important channels in their banking journey. Customers want the trust and confidence that only human interaction can provide.

We can help expand your brand and messaging in the branch and drive-thru area. The first step is to walk the customer journey and determine what’s hindering their engagement. In our innovative, no-cost assessment, our consultant can virtually guide you through that walk.

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Internal Virtual Branch Assessment

Our Virtual branch Assessment Team

Drive Thru Virtual Branch Assessment

Your team captures the branch interior or drive-thru area with a tablet, smartphone, or laptop* and transfers the video to Kane Graphical.


Kane’s design team reviews the video and then requests that you take 3 or 4 pictures of one area in the branch or drive-thru area. For example, a lobby wall or teller area in the branch, or the entryway or teller window at the drive-thru area.

Our designers create a solution that shows how the area can be improved to better capture customer attention. 


*Kane Graphical will not share your information with anyone outside our organization. It is important to us that we follow your financial institution’s compliance and privacy measures.

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