Staffing and Administrative


Employee name badges and deskbar name plates enhance customer communication and spread your corporate identity throughout the office. Customers appreciate immediately knowing the name of the person who’s serving them, and putting your corporate colors and logo in the customers’ line of sight helps create confidence in the business.


Employee Name Badges

Kane’s badging system offers durable name badges with a super-strong magnetic fastener to hold the name tag firmly in place; it replaces pins and clips so that clothing isn’t damaged. Our multi-color process creates vibrant logos and photos. The standard size is 3” x 1½”; we can create custom sizes.

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Desk Bar Name Plates

The one-piece welded desk bar insures long lasting durability. Its size is 9” x 2” x 1-3/8” and is available in silver or black.  Add a business card holder at no additional cost. The magnetic name plates are recessed in the frame, and they are easily removed with a suction tool (included).  Enhance your brand image by adding your logo and typeface. Custom colors are available; contact us for more information.