Your branch plays a pivotal role in retaining current consumers, capturing new ones, and cross-selling services. Further, banks and credit unions are a well-established part of the community. While consumers today make many transactions online, in-person branch visits remain a vital part of the multi-channel consumer experience and connection. Withdrawing or depositing large sums of cash, setting up mortgages, and personal consultations are done more easily when face-to-face.

As consumers walk into and through your branch, every step reveals the full picture of your culture and brand. Physical experiences leave long-lasting impressions that involve much more than a color palette and logo on a touchscreen! The personality of your institution and employees sticks firmly in consumers’ minds and creates a multi-sensory experience that can’t be replicated in digital-only connections. But what does the consumer experience look like in today’s changing world?

A return to these physical spaces is around the corner. If you don’t already have a reopen strategy, consider the following questions and insights as you seek to enhance the consumer experience as the branch traffic increases.

The Branch Environment

The branch interior and drive-thru area present your brand through its promotions, employees, and company goals. As branches reopen, it’s a great time to reflect on what matters most to consumers today. Are the environments immersive and consultative so they resonate with your market? Are you relevant and memorable? How is your story being told?

Are you meeting multi-generational preferences? While some groups may prefer digital screens, static signs can better grab the attention of others. Both formats, when designed in a coordinated effort, can reach across generations.

And content is key. A sign or digital image can be impactful, but if the messaging isn’t relevant, what’s the point of it?

To answer these questions for Kane customers, I conducted several virtual assessments this year—inside and at the drive-thru. We addressed these issues:

  • From the consumers’ perspective at the drive-thru, do they feel welcome? Are the brand colors present and fresh? Is there a visually engaging campaign advertisement? Does the teller window display the corporate logo and colors? How well does the ATM convey the brand?
  • Journeying through the branch, what’s hindering engagement with the current signage between the entrance and teller? Is the lobby or teller area cluttered? Are signage and kiosks optimally designed and placed? What is the hierarchy of communication during their experience? Do they read your campaign signs first or notice something else?
  • Brand colors establish familiarity. Are they being used consistently across all delivery mediums—name badges, campaign signs, digital screens, and wall colors—for maximum reinforcement?
  • Business hours have changed. Most locations now have expanded drive-thru hours and/or alternate days of operation. Do the signs need updating? Are they visible from consumers’ vehicles?

In our innovative, no-cost assessment, we can virtually guide you through the consumer journey.  Kane’s team can help create branch de-clutter strategies, re-stagings, refreshes, and various levels of drive-thru, interior,  and environmental design to maximize your brand promise without busting the budget.

The Branch Staff

Nurturing consumers is crucial to your continued success, and the team members who work directly with those consumers help determine their satisfaction. “For most customers, tellers don’t just represent the bank. They are the bank. That’s why their behavior and attitudes are so important. Tellers can affect consumer loyalty, satisfaction, and retention,” says Jim Miller, Prime Performance president.

How can you empower your team to continually build consumer relationships and cultivate trust in 2021?  Some thoughts:

  • Provide a visually appealing, well-branded environment. It boosts morale and helps your team more confidently engage with consumers.
  • Furnish name badges. Consumers appreciate knowing who’s serving them, and placing corporate colors in their line of sight helps create confidence in the business.
  • Advise your team on ways to learn more about the uniqueness of each consumer and the value of having this knowledge.
  • Educate your branch staff to talk about the content in your marketing campaigns. If your team is excited about what the poster or digital screen says, then the consumers will be too!

Your team and branches are the face of your company.  What consumers remember about their visits are the experiences they have with your staff and how they feel in the environment. Kane Graphical can help uphold your long-term strategy of ensuring consumers have an engaging experience. If you’re looking for solutions to improve cross-selling and expand your brand, explore  our website for inspiration or give me a call.