Kane Consolidator™ Mandatory Compliance Signage Display

Kane Consolidator™ Mandatory Compliance Signage Display

The Kane Consolidator™ professionally displays mandatory banking regulations in one frame. With the flexibility to change any one component.




Keep your mandatory compliance signage up to date in your branches. Don’t risk getting fined from banking regulators. Display your mandatory compliance signage professionally in our one-piece metal Focal Point™ frame.

Kane’s patented magnetic panel system fits together precisely it appears as one printed piece. The printing is sub-surface to protect the copy and background.


Examples of typical compliance panels:

  •  Community Reinvestment Act Notice
  •  Equal Housing Lender
  •  Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Notice
  •  Annual Disclosure Statement
  •  Financial Disclosure Statement
  •  Funds Availability Policy
  •  The Housing Financial Discrimination Act of 1977 (Fair Lending Notice)
  •  Custom regulations or notices – send us a copy of the notice and we’ll prepare a proof


Please Contact our Customer Service.  Send us your copy at orders@kanegraphical.com or call 800-992-2921.

Features and Benefits:

  • Compliance panels are magnetic – easily replace a panel with a suction cup (provided) without replacing the entire compliance display.
  • Sub-surface printed components printed on Lexan® prevents wear and tear. Your display looks like new, year after year.
  • Focal Point™ frame system – Our one-piece welded metal frame with powder coated finish ensures long lasting durability.


Teller Line Compliance Signage


Bank regulation sources

FDIC Rules and Regulations

FDIC Compliance Examination Manual

Community Reinvestment Act – GPO

Community Reinvestment Act – Federal Reserve


Credit Union regulation sources

NCUA Federal Register

NCUA  Compliance Blog



Best location to display compliance sign in my lobby? The compliance sign should be located where customers can easily read the information.

How high should we place the compliance sign? We suggest it be placed 82″ to the top of the display.

Where is the product made?  We manufacture in our factory located in Chicago, IL.






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