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The branch interior presents your brand through its promotions, employees, and company goals. Make sure your environment is immersive and consultative so that it resonates with your market.

To create engaging customer experiences, put expertly designed messaging and promotions in high visibility areas and use eye-catching formats. Effective content in the right channel delivers the right message in the right way. 

Do you have a marketing liability or a marketing asset?

Yesterday’s stand
with a 22 x 28 poster

SlimLine™ kiosk with 22 x 28
embedded poster frame and
magnetic brochure rack

The Kane design team can craft messaging and marketing campaigns that establish your brand and make it memorable, boost awareness of a product or service, unify the environment, and resonate with customers across all generations.  

Just as software needs hardware, marketing solutions need kiosks. Disrupt your customers’ path! Our customizable kiosks are perfect vehicles to display your merchandising content in high traffic areas—and they can serve in other ways too. From wayfinding signs, service listings, and rate displays to concierge signs, brochure displays, and community boards. We’ve got you covered.


Our most popular merchandising kiosk lets you display different faces and types of content throughout the year. This 24” x 72” kiosk is sleek, versatile, and moves easily on base-mounted wheels so you can place it in a highly visible location.

You choose what to display—standard posters, odd-sized posters, regulation boards, Kane Poster Blocks (see the video), community boards, white boards, or literature—and we’ll work with you to configure it. Our designers can use your artwork, or we’ll create the content based on your campaign needs and brand. The options and combinations are limited only by your imagination.

The standard colors and wood stains are white, gray, cherry wood, oak, and mahogany. We can also create a custom-color kiosk that blends perfectly with your branch décor or brand color. Call us for a free quote.


Like the promotional kiosk, our classic 23” x 72” SlimLine kiosk can display many faces and types of content. It can hold a 22” x 28” poster, a 1 x 2 Kane Poster Block, magnetic brochure racks, a magnetic white board, and more. You decide what your customers need, and we’ll work with you to design, configure, and build it.

This metal kiosk has heavy-gauge extruded aluminum channels (both sides) with hidden riveting, and it holds magnetic components. Available in silver or black, it can easily be relocated around the branch. Call us for a quote.


The 23” x 72” SlimLine kiosk can also serve as a rate display or compliance board.  For the rate display option, we offer two letter sets:  

The 8-rate display includes precision-cut numbers for eight rates, a date line, two category headlines, a disclaimer, and header panel with logo.

The 12-rate display includes precision-cut numbers for twelve rates, a date line, three category headlines, a disclaimer, and header panel with logo.

The components fit together precisely so that the overall display appears as one piece. The components have a magnetic backing so they can easily be changed without special tools. They’re sub-surface printed on matte finish Lexan® to prevent wear and fading so the display looks new for years.

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To use the kiosk as a regulation board, we offer the Kane Consolidator™ magnetic component system, which fits together precisely so the compliance sign appears as one piece. The components are sub-surface printed on matte finish Lexan® to prevent wear and tear. Each component has a magnetic backing so it can easily be changed without special tools.  We can create English or English/Spanish signs.

For more details on the Kane Consolidator, see our Compliance page.

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