History Walls, Environmental Graphics, and Lettering

Captivate customers, differentiate your institution from the competition, and expand your brand with professionally designed history walls, environmental graphics, and architectural lettering.

History Walls

Is there a place in your branch that showcases your significant milestones, community involvement, and customer appreciation? If not, there should be. The Kane Graphical team can partner with you to create a history wall, mural, or budget-friendly Kane Poster Block system that is a testament to your success, narrates your core values, and portrays your commitment to customer service.  

Historical images and milestones

3 x 2 Kane Poster Block System

8 x 9 foot historical timeline

Vinyl wallpaper with a raised panel

Our streamlined  process to design and implement a history wall involves five steps:

1 – Discovery.  We learn about the purpose and goals for your historical solution and what you want customers to remember from it. We also discuss its size and medium, which will depend on your wall space and budget.

2 – Curate Content. You choose the images and content to use for the story. We then collaborate to determine what design best suits that content and aligns with your brand and message.

3 – Design.  We prepare and present two designs. You choose a design and optionally suggest changes.

4 – Manufacture.  We produce and ship the elements of the historical solution to your branch.

5 – Implement. Our professionals install the historical solution in your branch(s).

Images on styrene under a 3 x 5-foot acrylic panel

2 x 2 Kane Poster Block

Contact us to learn more about showcasing your storied past with a beautiful history wall. Whether it’s a mural that fills an entire wall or a set of images arranged in a Kane Poster Block™ system, our team will create something that captivates customers and tells your story.


Environmental Wall Graphics

Bring your branch and brand to life with environmental graphics. Our design team will work with you to create and install a captivating mural that makes an immediate and lasting impression.

Dimensional Lettering and Logos

We can design and install dimensional logos and lettering—metal, plastic, or wood—directly to the wall or mount to an acrylic surface. Our lettering and graphic options are custom-made to match your brand and colors.