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What’s in your branch? What do customers see when they walk inside? What’s in their line of sight as they cross the
waiting area? The teller window? A consultation desk? Many banks and credit unions aren’t sure where to start with
their messaging. Kane Graphical can work with you to:

  •  Declutter and up-level the customer journey in your branch
  •  Create targeted and relevant messaging to improve customer engagement
  • Reach the highest potential customer return

We’re here to help expand your brand and messaging. We invest in customer relationships that are long term, solution-oriented, and forward-looking.

Survey and Declutter Services

Before we create your messaging solutions, Kane’s designer conducts an on-site survey and makes a Design Presentation
book. It’s a three-step process:

Assessment—We make a photographic survey (150 images) of the  customer journey, do a decluttering analysis, and create initial placement recommendations.

Conceptual Design—The Design Presentation book contains before-and-after images that show conceptual recommendations for sign and solution placements, hierarchy, and design.

Conceptual Presentation—This step includes several deliverables:

  • Virtual meeting to discuss the Design Presentation book
  • Modifications to the design recommendations, if necessary
  • Cost estimate and timeline for initial recommendations
  • Content development options, if desired
  • Finalize the changes, cost, and timeline, and proceed to design and implementation

Insights and Branch Transformations

Explore our latest article and case studies, and then visit us again in a few months to see what’s new.

Cross-Selling Tips for Marketing Heroes

Your brand and messaging are seen along the customer journey in many different mediums. It’s important to present content that resonates with your customers and gets them thinking about how they can benefit from a service or product. Whether the messaging is for print, digital, or both, the best practices are much the same today as they were ten years ago.  

Case Study: Deseret First Credit Union 

Deseret First Credit Union (DFCU) approached Kane Graphical to create an effective visual merchandising program. DFCU is now taking a progressive approach to transforming its branches. They worked with us in November 2017 to refresh its South Jordan location.  

Case Study: FNBC Bank & Trust
FNBC launched its branch refresh and visual merchandising in 2018 with the help of Kane Graphical. We consulted and advised the bank after extensively studying and evaluating the branch layout, reviewing documentation, meeting with management, and interviewing staff.

Important Resources

These links take you to important regulation information and other helpful resources.

Bank Regulation Sources

FDIC Rules and Regulations

FDIC Compliance Examination Manual

Community Reinvestment Act – GPO

Community Reinvestment Act – Federal Reserve

Credit Union Regulation Sources


NCUA Federal Register

NCUA Compliance Blog

Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)

In June 2020, the OCC published a final rule to strengthen and modernize the Community Reinvestment Act. This CRA rule established a new requirement that a bank must include an email address for its Deputy Comptroller in its CRA Public Notice. The OCC has established a centralized email box, CRACOMMENTS@OCC.TREAS.GOV, for banks to use as the required email address. Please use this address as the email for your Deputy Comptroller in the CRA Public Notice.


Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of all acts, regulations, and notices;
consult with your financial institution’s compliance manager for more information.